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Now That’s A Deal

December 2, 2010

Just call me the chicken lady ok? 😉

Monday as I arrived at my mom’s house after work to change my clothes before heading to the farm, I was greeted with a bundle of excitment.  I was barely in the door, when my mom proclaims “Wait until you see what I bought! they’re so cute!” She then came out of the kitchen with these little chickens which she purchased for less than $2 a piece!  I thought it was a joke! A Fluke! Something!

Come Tuesday, I thought I would take my chances after my run and head on over to the same store to see if I could score some sort of deal for myself.

I actually couldn’t believe it when I found the same chickens on for $.49/lb!!! If you do the shopping in your house, you’ll know that is an insane price for chicken – well around here at least.  Whole fresh chickens around here normally range between $7-$10 a piece. When on sale, they’re normally about $4 and that’s when I usually buy a few to stock up!  So when I see a whole bin for under $2 each, the crazy chicken lady in my comes out. 😉 I bought 6 that first night and yesterday went back for more!!

Although the shot is a bit blurry, this is what my freezer looks like

In the past 2 days, I have purchased 16 whole fresh GRAIN-FED chickens. Yes, I said 16!! 😉

Total spent = $28.00!!!!!!

I now have enough chickens in the freezer to roast a chicken every Sunday night from now up until 2 weeks before we leave for our wedding.  For $28!!!!  Now that’s a deal.

While on the topic of deals, I also picked up all of these for $5.40 last night too. 😉 Yay for coupons!

This was my second time picking up a big batch of cleaners for such a low price and I am guessing that I have at least a 2 year supply of household cleaners in my stash now. 😉

I was a hungry girl last night after all of my deal hunting and was craving spaghetti. Spaghetti has been one of my favourite meals since I was little.

The result of my craving – whole wheat spaghetti, topped with fresh kale and a turkey sauce.


It was exactly what I needed. 🙂

So… anyone else score a great deal recently?

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