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A New Addiction

November 8, 2010
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‘Tis the time of year here in Canada for the long-awaited winter/holiday season President’s Choice Insiders Report.  To those unfamiliar with President’s Choice, it is an amazing brand of food which can be found in the Loblaws/Superstores/No Frills/Fortino’s/Zehrs of Canada. (I think I got all of the stores?)  Anyway, the insiders report is this delicious little flyer that showcases all of the new products that will be coming to the stores for that particular season.  There’s safely a 100% guarantee that you will always drool while sifting though the pages all while jotting down your must-have list. Well, the holiday report just came out on the weekend and dear friends, thanks to this report I now have a new addiction. I tried it…and I loved it. 😉

Holy hell.

I have been going nuts over the past few weeks seeing all of these giveaways throughout the blog world for these fantastic Mighty Leaf tea packs that I wished I could enter but since I am Canadian have had to pass… And why have I been going nuts?  Because almost all of these bloggers have been raving about Mighty Leaf’s Chocolate Mint Truffle tea. I am a serious mint/chocolate nut and the moment I read about a chocolate mint tea, my mouth started watering. I needed to try this tea!  I quickly did a store search and low and behold there is even a little tea shop in my tiny town (of all places) that carries this Mighty Leaf brand.  I was actually going to head on over to grab myself a box!

Until C looked at the insiders report.

You have no idea how excited I was when he pointed out their new Chocolatey Mint Tea!!!

No word of a lie, we went right over to the Superstore and picked up a box.

The smell = divine.

The taste = so nice and smooth.

The aftertaste = dessert.

This tea, a blend of Peppermint leaves, cocoa shells, black tea leaves, carob pod, spearmint leaves, stevia leaves, cocoa bean powder is perfect. No milk or sugar required.  I don’t even take the bag out and it is perfect.

I had 1.5 of these teas yesterday and am trying so hard not to just guzzle back the one I’m drinking right now. 😉

Thank you President’s Choice.

You did good.

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