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The Best Side Dish Ever

October 31, 2010

Friday night was an odd ball night for me.

Odd as in that instead of coming home from work only to collapse on the couch and enter a tv coma until C gets home – which is somewhat of a norm for me – I came home, made some tea and went crazy cooking up a storm for this week’s date night!

You see, date night didn’t happen on Wednesday this week because C was lucky enough to get an invite to the Toronto Raptors home opener.  He couldn’t say no, so our night was pushed until Friday.

So, like I was saying…

I got home and it was freezing in the house (the heat was on set back for the date and had not come back on yet) so I quickly grabbed my favourite tea and mad myself a big cup.

With my tea warming me up, I realized that I was pretty hungry too.  I wanted something with just a little sweetness to it but sadly we didn’t have anything of the sort in the house. Friday = the groceries are usually pretty cleaned out.  So I did the next best thing.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I whipped up a quick batch of my pumpkin oatmeal cookies! I also managed to finish up the last of the open can of pumpkin that was in the fridge! Score!

With a warm and happy tummy, I then got to work on my date night meal.

I like to take advantage of these nights when I actually have the time to make something a little more special than normal. So I just knew that one of the side dishes would be one of mine and C’s new favourites.

We both have actually dubbed this the best side dish ever.

Barley pilaf 🙂

Start out by sauteing some onions, garlic, carrots, and celery. (We did not have any celery so I used zucchini and it still turned out amazing) Once they’ve really started to cook down and onions start to appear translucent, stir in the barley – I used 1 cup.

Next, stir in the required amount of liquid. You could use a veg/chicken/beef stock here, which is what I’d ideally like to use, however if you don’t have any stock (like me Friday) water is fine.  For this batch, I added just over 2 cups of water to my mixture.

If you’ve never cooked barley before this may look like a LOT of liquid, but not to worry. Those little pearls act like quite the suction cups!  Next step is to turn your heat way down to low, cover and leave it.  In about 45-50 minutes, you will have an amazing barley pilaf!

Nutritious AND delicious folks!!! 😉

I had some pork tenderloin thawed in the fridge, so I decided to have that as our protein portion of the supper.  I just ended up cutting it into medallions and browning it..

And then doing the ol’ baking in mushroom soup deal. 😉 Can’t go wrong with that!

We also had a cauliflower in the fridge, so in the spirit of ‘let’s make sure we eat everything we buy’, I roasted that as well.

It didn’t end up being the most colourful supper out there, but boy was it good. Especially the barley 😉

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  1. lowandbhold permalink
    November 1, 2010 2:54 pm

    I’d say your date was super lucky, everything looks amazing!

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