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Warm and Comforting

October 29, 2010

Well folks, the pumpkin butter is still going strong in my mind!

I had a few big globs in my oatmeal again this morning along with some apple! Can this get any better?!

Yesterday was a pretty gloomy day. It went from windy and rainy, to a touch of sun, to windy and rainy again. Yuck!  Needless to say, I really didn’t feel like dragging my butt out to the farm to ride.  But as soon as that thought came into my head, I quickly changed my way of thinking, bundled up and headed on out there!  I’m glad I went too because I not only had a fantastic ride and workout on Chelsea, I also got to make a new equine friend!  A new horse appeared in the barn yesterday!  No one was around to tell me who he was, who he belonged to and even if he were staying but he sure was handsome and we became instant buddies. 😀

When I got home chilled but happy, my mood was improved even more when I remembered what was on the meal plan for the night.  Knowing it was going to be a late night, I had pea soup and salad on the menu! Although it wasn’t the healthiest thing I’ve ever eaten, it was exactly what I needed last night. Warm, comforting and happy. 🙂 MMMM it was so darn good too!

Believe it or not, I had never had french dressing before a few months ago.  C deemed it his favourite one day on a grocery trip so we picked up a bottle. I am now addicted. Yikes!

100 Push Up Challenge

Last night I completed day 2 of week 1. And YES, I did the right workout this time!  6/rest/8/rest/6/rest/6/rest/8.  My armpit area was still a tad on the sore side and I’m not going to lie, those babies hurt! However, funny enough I’m now feeling great! This challenge is not exciting me!

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