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Hey I’m Alive!

October 27, 2010

Thanks everyone for the migraine-relief tips.  This was a rough one and the only thing that helped was sleep.  Too bad it hurt so badly I had trouble sleeping!!  I finally managed to nap Monday afternoon and felt a bit better, however the headache still lingered yesterday and even still now, but it’s not even close to as bad as it was. So, needless to say, I’m back in the office.

What a little rain and wind storm we had yesterday though!!! Maybe that played a part in the migraine? The skies finally broke open just after 6pm last night and holy moly!! I was riding Chelsea at the time in the indoor arena which has an aluminum roof. Was it ever loud! Thankfully she could care less. 😉  I got soaked running the 50 ft to my car and for the first time in a LONG time, I had to have my wipers on at full force while driving 70 and still had trouble seeing!  Of what I could make out in the pitch black (I hate that it’s dark so early now), the rain was coming down sideways bringing hundreds upon hundreds of leaves down with it.  Too bad it was dark out because the conditions would have made for some pretty cool pictures!

Speaking of pictures, this is completely random, but check out the egg I had Monday!  Twins I say!!!

I had actually never seen an egg with a double yolk before! So cool!

Now back to last night.. 😉

I was wet and tired by the time I got home so I was so glad I had a quick meal planned for C and I.  On the menu was burritos and salad. Ever since I made the burritos the other week, they’re out go-to meal for our late nights. So healthy and fast!!! 🙂  In the mix last night was red kidney beans, salsa, green onion, marble cheese and fresh diced tomatoes. Yum! As for the salad, I had a craving for ranch so that’s what I had. 😉

I also need to update you on my

100 Push Ups Challenge

I had hoped to start this Monday but with the migraine and all, I decided to wait until last night.  So as of last night, this challenge is a go!

Well… I think I still might have been loopy because only now I realized that I did the workout for week 2 day 1 instead of week 1!!!! No wonder it was so hard!!! lol

This is what I DID:

Week 2, Day 1

  • 9 – then rest for 60 sec
  • 11 – then rest for 60 sec
  • 8 – then rest for 60 sec
  • 8 – then rest for 60 sec
  • max (at least 11)

This is what I SHOULD have done! lol (oh man!!)

Week 1, Day 1

  • 6 – rest for 60 sec
  • 6 – rest for 60 sec
  • 4 – rest for 60 sec
  • 4 – rest for 60 sec
  • max (at least 5)

Oh man! This little error of mine totally explains why my arms feel like they weigh 100lbs today!!! I definitely won’t be making that mistake again and will be bouncing back to week 1 for day 2 tomorrow!

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