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Garlic Lovers – Read!

August 20, 2010

First of all I have to say that I am so upset with myself!  I was so hungry and tired by the time my dinner was ready last night that I completely forgot to snap pics!! (I realized this when there was maybe 2 bites left on my plate) Bad Laura!

Anyhow, dinner was amazing to say the least.  I originally had cob salad on the menu, however C had polished off the rest of our extra lean ham (boo to him! lol) so I compromised a bit.  I made a basic mixture of local romaine and baby spinach, tossed in my famous garlic dressing, cucumbers, tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs.

Do you like garlic?

If the answer is yes, you MUST try my famous salad dressing.

To be honest, I rarely measure ingredients when I cook, so these are approximates. Be generous and it will work out. 😉

Garlic Dressing

1 clove of garlic, minced
2 tsp white vinegar
dash of Worcestershire
1-2tsp of plain mustard
lemon juice (use a big sliver of a lemon)
t-2tbps 1/2 the fat mayo
1-2tbsp olive oil (I usually just do a glug glug)
1-2tbsp of water (this is just to thin it out)

Whisk all the ingredients together and enjoy! It’s a really light and thin dressing packed with a HUGE punch of garlic. C and I absolutely LOVE garlic so it’s definitely one of our favourites.


I have been living in my house since May 2007 and it seems like the renos are never-ending.  What’s on the list now? 

The basement.

Being a 3brdm, 2 bath, 3 story house (incl. the basement), and 1 lonely person, I had never really had use for the basement before C moved in.  Now that he is in the house, it’s finally going to have some purpose!  We are now in the process of turning the basement (which was finished when I moved in) into our office/gym. Exciting right?!

All of C’s gym equipment is currently just in a corner of the basement which works for him for now to pump out his workouts, however it’s not exactly visually appealing.  There are also still a ton of boxes laying around and it’s just an overall disaster zone.  Aside from the mess, the walls are awful!!  The previous owners had painted them in an awful colour, their patch work was shotty and they’re just overall dirty.  (It’s so bad that I’ve actually never shown my future in-laws, or our best friends the basement!!)

I decided why set up my office before the walls are taken care of – so…. that’s what I’m working on!  Due to time constraints and space, the plan is to do the office area first and then figure out the gym.  So far this week I have patched some holes, sanded and primed!  Tonight = painting!!!

And just because I’m cool like that…. no pictures until it’s almost done! 😉

Happy Friday everyone!

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