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Wedding Shoes!! ..and Purple Beans?!

August 10, 2010
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I wanted to post this yesterday, but didn’t have time to snap some pics…

My wedding ceremony shoes arrived yesterday!!! I had been keeping my eye on these for weeks waiting for a sale because I couldn’t in my heart spend $25 on a pair of flip-flops!  Well Friday, I received an email from Spring about yet another sale. Low and behold, their price had been dropped to $14!!! Needless to say, I bought them right away. I plan on wearing these for the ceremony since it will be on the beach – heels just wouldn’t be practical in the sand right? 😉

A close-up of the bead-work.

I am so glad I managed to find these before all of the summer stock disappeared.  They’re nice and comfy too!

Thanks to the lovely Mother Nature, and the high humidex yet again, I did not ride after work today.  Also thanks to the lovely Mother Nature and her high humidex, my bad knee is just throbbing right now and swollen so I didn’t do any workout today.  If I’m hurting, it’s an automatic day off. Sadly.

So, on to supper!

Tonight’s supper consisted of another pre-made meal which both C and I love and which we feel good about eating.  President’s Choice Blue Menu Atlantic Salmon Rice Medley, along with some bok choy and purple beans. Yes, I said it – PURPLE BEANS!!!

Look at these babies!! I’ve never seen such a thing before!

They were green inside though – odd!

So then I got to thinking…I wondered if they would stay purple when cooked or change colour?  Sadly, they started turning green as the cooking began. That’s no fun!

My plate

The verdict: Although the salmon & rice dish came out a little mushy – as most frozen meals do – it tasted AMAZING!!  The bok choy – I cooked it with a ton of minced garlic and about 2 tsp of olive oil – amazing!  The PURPLE/green beans – well, they seemed to take longer to cook to al dante (in comparison to green beans and wax beans) and tasted the same as green beans. I was hoping for a little more somethin’ somethin’ but nope.

Now with my tummy happy, I wait for my C to get home. He’s working late again (thank goodness it’s only a 2x a year sort of thing for this new work of his).. I’m missing my man!

Have a great night!

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  1. August 10, 2010 10:31 pm

    Cute shoes! Perfect for a beach wedding!

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