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Wedding Update!

August 4, 2010

With just over 8 months to go until we head to Jamaica, I am happy to report that things are coming along very nicely in the planning department. 🙂 

Our Wedding Resort!

  • Our wedding is officially confirmed with the resort and our trip is booked!  We even have family members and friends booking already! It’s all real now and I couldn’t be more excited.
  • C purchased basically his entire outfit (minus a belt) a few weeks ago on a whim! We weren’t even shopping for it, but out of nowhere, the suit he wanted appeared, so we bought it! Under budget too!
  • I have ordered my shoes, in turquoise – our wedding colour! I am now on the hunt for some wedge flip flops to wear for the ceremony since stilettos won’t really work well on the beach. I have found the pair I want at Spring Shoes, but can’t for the life of me spend $24 on a pair of flip flops. So I am watching the store and website like a hawk awaiting a sale.
  • I had purchased some jewelery for my brother’s wedding from etsy a few weeks ago. It didn’t end up arriving in time for his wedding so I’ve decided I’m just going to wear it for my own.
  • We went to the passport office to renew our passports (as both will expire before the wedding) and even though it can take weeks to get a new one, our new passports arrived in the mail last week.

The best part about a destination wedding is that there really isn’t a whole lot of planning and organizing to do!  That means NO STRESS! 🙂  The only other major thing I have to take care of now is to find a dress!  I’m not one who understands the idea of buying “the dress” so early before the wedding, so I don’t even plan on starting to look until the fall.  I also don’t plan on starting to look until I have the cash to pay for it…I really should start stashing some money for that!

I guess we should also buy some rings before April too eh?

No rush! 🙂

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