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Operation Beautiful To Hit Toronto

April 29, 2010

…thanks to yours truly! 😉

If you’re wondering what Operation Beautiful is, please take a gander over to and discover the little revolution that has been started by Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point. Via Caitlin’s inspiration and idea, girls pretty much world-wide are changing the way they feel about themselves (and most importantly the way others feel about themselves) literally one post-it note at a time. Seriously, this girl is amazing! I love her!


The whole object of Operation Beautiful is to post random notes with inspirational messages with the hopes that a stranger finds/reads them and feels happy and better about themselves. In this day and age, there is such a negative impact in young girls and women in general via the media which paints such un-realistic pictures as to how girls and women should look.  Every girl needs to know that she is beautiful as she is, hence the idea of leaving these little notes as a reminder. You never know, finding a simple little note like this could be making someone’s day!

I have yet to see any Operation Beautiful notes in my neck of the woods, so I am planning on spreading the love in Toronto Sunday morning when I am there for the Sportinglife 10K.  I’m actually really excited to hopefully take part in making someone smile.

Union Station, here I come! The post-its are ready!

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