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10K Update

April 20, 2010

Honestly, I have no idea where the past week or so has gone to.  I complain when I’m not busy at work, and now I’m complaining that I am! (Do you think I hate my job? lol) Well that is beside the point.  I have been neglecting my beloved blog and I don’t like that fact. So I’m sorry blog world!!!

The BIG 10K Race!

With 11 days until the big day, I am officially registered and fundraising is going amazingly well! So far I’ve raise $595 which is more than enough to send 2 lucky kids to Camp Ooch for a day.  Since I’ve overpassed my original goal of $500, I’ve raised my goal to $750. I just might be able to send 3 kids to camp now!

On a more serious note, one of my co-worker’s relatives, a little 5-year-old boy named Jack, was only just recently diagnosed with cancer.  He currently resides at Sick Kids Hospital and takes part in Camp Ooch’s in-hospital program so I have decided that he is going to be my inspiration for this run and I’m really going to be doing it for him.  I have made a sign with his picture on it which I’ve laminated and plan to wear during the run.  Jack’s family is so supportive and all on board with my plan and who knows! maybe I’ll get a chance to meet some of them at the finish line!

My inspiration, Jack - Stay Strong Little Man!

Training wise, I’m just doing my normal runs with plans to try a  long one this weekend.  I’m not planning on going into this race with a ‘race’ mentality of trying to finish in a good time or anything.  The only plan is to finish.  I am also doing it with C and his co-workers who aren’t exactly runners!  So I’m thinking we’ll be doing the walk/run method for the duration.  Finishing for the cause is all that really matters for this one!  It’s just a bonus that it’s said to be the EASIEST 10K in Canada since it’s 100% downhill! 😉  Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited.


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