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New Wall Art

April 12, 2010
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I have this wall in my living/dining room that’s needed a little oomph pretty much since I moved in three years ago.  I already have pictures on the walls around the room but wanted something else for this particular wall…something less bulky, but also classy.  That is when I thought about toying around with the idea of decals.

If you’re not up on the wonderful world of wall decals, you might be happy to hear that they’re no longer all about Disney princesses and mr Pooh. But they’ve managed to push so much farther and have branched out into so many different categories.  To get even a tiny glimpse, go on over to and just do a search on ‘wall decals’.  I promise that you will be amazed and awed at what you will find.

I recently purchased my very own wall decal for this empty wall.  After getting some help from C (man we make a great team),  we managed to get this baby up on the wall and it looks pretty darn good!  It just seems to bring a classy feel to the room now.

I have since been browsing around on Etsy to see what else is out there. Perhaps we will continue to decorate the house with decals like this instead of bulky pieces of art!

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