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Fail – a Book Review?

April 12, 2010

I admit it, I’ve completely given up on reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest book Committed.

I suppose I can’t exactly call this a book review since I didn’t actually read the entire thing.  I probably got about half way through and just could not stand attempting to read through this text-book like piece of work anymore.  What happened to the author who wrote the AMAZING “Eat, Pray, Love”?????  I was really looking forward to seeing how that story would unfold in “Committed” and Gilbert just didn’t even go there in my opinion. From what I read, this book is just her study on marriage in different cultures and times.  It was not the lovey dovey curl up on the couch read that I was expecting. Very unfortunate.

Alas, I have moved on.

I’ve been craving a good quick lovey dovey read lately (especially after my failure with Committed), so I have just picked up “A Bend In The Road” by Nicholas Sparks.  Looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds. 🙂

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