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A Concert Review

March 16, 2010

Friday night I had the pleasure of attending on of the most amazing concerts I have ever seen.

The band – my favourite, Our Lady Peace

The place – Massey Hall – Toronto, ON

I had never been to Massey Hall, and I honestly can’t say enough good things about that place. What an architecturally stunning building!! Every little detail was beautiful.  After examining the hall from my seat, I just knew that the music was going to sound better than ever.

The band came on shortly after 8 and played their 2nd album, “Clumsy” from start to finish. This was the whole point of this particular tour.  They are playing 2 nights in each city where they will play “Clumsy” the first night, and their 4th album (and my fav) “Spiritual Machines” the second night.  It was pretty surreal to sit there and listen to the music of my grade 9 year live, in its entirey.  Every little detail, including Raine (the lead singer) using a megaphone at certain points added in achieving the sound you would hear if you were to simply put the album into your cd player.  I think the whole audience felt the same nostalgic feeling as I did throughout that first hour and when they finished ‘Car Crash’ the cheers radiating in that hall were breathtaking.

Steve Mazur and Raine Maida

The band took a 30 minute break and then returned for another set.  In Raine’s words “now that the work is done, let’s get down to business and have some fun!”  The whole crowed got to their feet at that point and that is how we remained for another hour+ set of songs from various albums.  The whole show was completely unreal. I honestly can’t even describe the feeling I get when I see this band play. It’s like I’m whisped away into my own little world for those few hours – nothing else matters but me, the band, and the music.  It was so nice to see Raine moving across the stage during this set showing his famous ‘Raine mannerisms’. There’s just something about the way this man moves his body on the stage that I love.  You just have to look at him and you can see how he FEELS the music. He even disappeared at one point and it turned out he climbed up to the balcony about 9 feet way from where I was! I couldn’t see him and without even realizing was actually panicking a bit! I think C felt that because before I knew it, he was lifting me up onto the chairs in front of us. Again, all I can really say is that it was UNREAL!

Raine Maida 9ft Away

The show lasted about 2.5 hours and it only felt like it was maybe 20 minutes. Those shows are never long enough. I’ve seen many concerts over the years, and have seen Our Lady Peace several times and can honestly say, this was by far the most incredible show I have ever been to. My boys did not disappoint and I can only hope that I will get the chance to see them again some day.

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