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What A Glorious Weekend!

March 8, 2010

I really wish I had taken pictures, but I was just too busy to even get out my camera! I had decided to book off Friday to give myself a much-needed break. It was definitely nice to have a long weekend, but I can’t really say that I had a break. There was no way I could stay inside glued to the television when it was so spring-like outside! After several months of a grey and dreary Ontario winter, it’s pretty hard *not* to jump at the opportunity to spend some time outdoors on those first beautiful blue-sky days.

As I mentioned the other day, the main event for Friday was my trip to Ikea. Friday mornings are definitely THE time to go to Ikea in Vaughan. The place was so empty making it great to wander around and do some good quality shopping. It’s SO hard to hold back in that store. Seriously, if I had the money, I could go crazy in that store.  I was good though and spent $50 even. Here’s what I bought:

Fabric to make a slip cover

3 of these in the black/brown colour

An extra cutlery set.. was only $4.99! couldn't resist

I needed one, and love the colour!

For my basement

 Saturday had to be the most amazing day of the weekend! I spent pretty much the entire morning outside and loved every moment of it. I slept in until 7:30 (yes, that is really sleeping in for me haha), ate some breakfast then headed out to the farm where I had a great ride and great workout on my horse Chelsea. (pictured in the banner) It was about 6 degrees by the time I finished up there so then I headed home, had a quick snack and then went to a nearby high school for my second outdoor run. I plowed through my 28 min run! Although I was so excited that I was able to do my 28 minutes without stopping that I completely lost track of how many laps I did, so I have no clue how far I actually ran.  After my run, I headed back home, changed my shoes and then washed my car in my driveway!! It felt soooo good to just be out there in the sun washing my car!  Later on that day, I headed over to my aunt and uncle’s house for my little cousin’s birthday supper — the colourful cupcakes were a HUGE hit!!! 🙂

Yesterday was another great day to be outside!  Unfortunately I had a pile of housework to do so I was stuck inside from about 2pm on… but I did enjoy my morning working at the farm and riding 2 horses!

I am beyond excited for spring/summer!!! 🙂

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