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March 4, 2010

I’m going to take a stab here, but I’m pretty sure the majority of homeowners/renters hold a special place in their hearts for Ikea.  How can we not love venturing to that store with the blue and yellow sign filled with amazing pieces of furniture at equally amazing prices?  I’m obviously not an employee of Ikea and I’m not being paid to say these nice things, but I LOVE IKEA!

Why am I suddenly bringing up Ikea today?  Because I booked the day off work tomorrow and will be driving out to the closest store tomorrow am for some browsing and possibly some purchasing!

The closest Ikea is just over a half hour drive, so it’s not somewhere I venture to all the time.  I save my Ikea trips for a few times a year making those trips extra special.  My Ikea buddy is always my mom since C and my dad would rather not go – so we like to make either a morning or an afternoon of it and enjoy everything there, even the food!  We like to take our time, wander the store, check out all of the decorated ‘rooms’ and make sure not to miss even a single nook or corner. We then go back and gather items that we would like to purchase.  It’s funny how we have this certain way of working through the store and it never changes no matter how many times we go.

I’ve already written up my list for tomorrow’s trip and couldn’t be more excited!  I’m going shopping this time with the thought in mind that C could actually possibly move in like really soon!!! (He has a meeting next week with the bosses of the company he is currently interning with about possibly being hired when he’s done on the 12th!!!) Surprisingly after 3 years alone in this big house of mine, I’ve accumulated a lot of JUNK.  I need to do lots of cleaning and organizing before this home becomes ‘ours’. Here’s hoping Ikea can help me do this while spending little $!!! 🙂

So now I pose some questions to my readers: Am I the only crazy one who holds Ikea up high on a little pedestal? If not, do you plan your Ikea trips? Make lists? Or do you just head out and see what happens?

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