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Snow. My Love/Hate Relationship

November 25, 2009
I am sitting here in my lonely little cubicle, looking out to see a grey sky and raindrops trickling down the window. I sigh a little as it is yet another grey and dreary day, but then I find myself pausing for a moment. My eyes wander over to my calendar and I suddenly begin to wonder why I am sighing. Should I not be happy that it’s only raining? It is the 25th of November and we have not seen one single snowflake yet this season. Shouldn’t I be jumping for joy? Don’t I hate snow?

…at least I thought I hated snow…

Last winter had to be the worst winter for snow accumulation since I moved to the GTA from Eastern Ontario. Growing up in Eastern Ontario, the norm for my winters were many dumpings of snow and very cold temperatures that hovered around the -20s and -30s. I was actually surprised when I first moved to the GTA how different the season is around here. Up until last year, the winters around here have been tolerable. We’ve gotten snow, but not as much as back home so I’ve been happy. But last year, all hell seemed to break loose in the skies!

Last year was definitely the year of the snow. It started falling November first and didn’t seem to stop all winter long. The worst part about it to me was the shovelling. You see, I share a driveway with my neighbour, so it only allows me to shovel snow to the one side onto my front lawn. By February this year, my snow banks were over 10ft tall! No joke! The shovelling was getting so hard, that every time it snowed, I’d almost be in tears when I had to shovel in attempt to launch it over the high snow banks.

By this past spring, I had vowed that I officially HATED snow. If Canada had a place where it never snows, I’d want to move there in a heartbeat. Unfortunately though, I’m SOL.

So… since I vowed that I hate snow only 8 months ago, why am I finding myself sighing as I look out into the snowless world that is my work’s parking lot?

I was happy when I heard several days ago that Environment Canada announced that we would have a warm winter with not very much snow. Thoughts of the possibility of minimal shovelling this season excited me! So why am I sighing now?

Could I actually still really like snow?

When I really think about it, I actually do think I’d prefer to look out and see a nice white blanket of snow covering the ground and a sky bluer than a robin’s egg…rather then a ground covered in mud from the constant rain and a sky so grey that it makes you just want to curl up in a ball and hibernate until spring.

Photo Credit: Sam Javanrouh

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  1. Meg permalink
    November 26, 2009 2:15 pm

    I'm not minding the no snow thing so far, but come December, I would like some snow!! I don't think I could go a winter without skiing and toboganning…and as much as I complain about the snow and coldness…it does have its advantages!!

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