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Let’s Talk swagbucks!

August 17, 2009
Being very deep into the recession, I am sure many people are looking for some easy ways to get some extra money or free stuff. I am/was one of those people. Earlier this year, I just happened to stumble across an amazing site that has since allowed me to purchase some of my luxuries (ie. books and cds) for $0 cost to me. This site is called swagbucks.

Search & Win

So now you’re probably thinking, “What is swagbucks?” In it’s basic form, swagbucks is a search engine. It’s powered by google and, so your results are usually pretty good. When you use swagbucks to search the web, you have the chance to win your very own swagbucks. Once you win a certain number of swagbucks (or SB), you can cash them in for many many different prizes. Personally, I have been using them to cash in for gift cards. 45 SB can get you one $5 gift card for — and you get this for free!

Search & Win

Now you might be asking, “Why does this sound so easy? What’s the catch?” This does sound easy, because it IS easy. And there is no catch. I have been searching with swagbucks since the end of March and have won a total of $150 in gift cards so far. I have purchased 4 cds and 3 books at zero cost to me and I am now saving up for a digital camera and am almost half way there! Seriously people, this is not a hoax. If you’re looking to win some extra cash to use towards buying some luxuries in these tough times, I definitely recommend you give swagbucks a try. There are many tricks and tips I can give you to earn more faster, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Feel like joining? click one of the swagbucks images in this post!

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  1. Ebony Jewel permalink
    August 19, 2009 2:14 am

    So I've heard of swagbucks before, but haven't used it. I think I may actually check into this!! I'm all about free stuff & perks!

  2. Laura permalink
    August 19, 2009 12:46 pm

    I really recommend it. Because honestly, there's almost no effort involved. All I really do is some more searching instead of using my bookmarks. And I'm averaging one $5 gift card for amazon per week.

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