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A Long Weekend Is Upon Us

May 14, 2009
Boy time really does fly! I find it hard to believe that the May long weekend is already upon us! Where oh where did the last 4 and a half months go??? Being a homeowner all on my own, sadly there won’t be too much ‘fun’ coming along with this weekend. I ended up booking tomorrow off as my mandatory “no-pay-day” and intend to spend most of the next 4 days working on the ‘to-do’ list around the house. Garden’s need to be weeded… and then weeded again. Grass will ultimately need to be cut. The salt that fell off my car in the garage will need to be swept up. Windows need to be washed. And that’s only the outdoor list! haha Inside, all floors need to be washed.. carpets cleaned.. windows washed.. bathrooms scrubbed. Oh what a joy this weekend will be 🙂 At least I’ll be able to get lots of riding in, and hopefully the horse and pony shall get a bath as well. Happy long weekend to you all!

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