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Never Give Up!

April 1, 2009

I just wanted to say to all you readers out there… especially in these hard economic times… no matter what, never give up on something you believe in. Keep your head up high, stick up for yourself, and good things will happen to you.

Why am I coming out and saying this now? Well, long story short, one night during the winter, I was driving home and out of nowhere heard a large cracking sound. The result — a large crack in the bottom left hand side of my windshield. I was so upset after this happened, thinking how the H*#L am I going to find the $ NOW to fix my windshield! After looking carefully, I realized there was no mark from something hitting the windshield causing the crack, so I thought maybe this is something I could claim under the warranty of the car? (my car is only 3 years old this august) I was at Mazda last week for my regular oil change/service, and to get my winter tires off. I had them look at the crack at the time, and upon inspection, they said Mazda would NOT approve of claiming this under the warranty because there was another chip on the windshield that ‘ruined its integrity’. WELL, this chip was not even near the crack and it is literally the size of a pin!!! I was fuming when I left Mazda last week, thinking, how am I going to get $500 to fix my windshield, when I’m struggling to pay all of my house bills?! So monday, I sent an email to the manager at Mazda stating my case, asking if I could come see him. I went back yesterday and after his inspection, he said that his service guys’ claim that the tiny dot of a chip causing the crack was BS. He looked up at me and his words were “You know what? I’m going to give you this one.” So, I am getting a brand new windshield, installed… for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moral of the story —- as I said above, if you believe in something, please don’t ever give up. I could have easily given up after last week’s appointment when I was told there was nothing they could do. But I knew I was right and stood up for myself and it’s paid off!

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