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The Biggest Loser – My Thoughts Of The Day

March 4, 2009

I just have to say, that The Biggest Loser is surprisingly one of my favourite shows and I never miss an episode. Why would a weight loss show affect me so much? I am not overweight, not do I need to lose any. However, there is just something about this show that is so inspiring. Watching it just pulls my emotional strings. Within the first episode of the season, producers do such a good job and portraying each individual contestant making you emotionally attached to them from the start. It is this emotional attachment that makes me want to keep watching week after week, just to see these people succeed in bettering their lives physically and emotionally. Since I know I never miss an episode of this show, I have decided that I would like to add my 2 cents after each week’s episode. So, on to my first review:

OK. To those who watched, what was with the ending?! I can’t believe that the biggest loser left us with such a cliff-hanger! Although Mike said he did not believe that he lost enough weight to keep everyone on campus, I still have faith in that kid. He’s done such an amazing job so far for a young kid and I don’t see him slowing down any time soon. While speaking of Mike, that boy had me in tears last night! RON – KUDOS TO YOU for raising an incredible guy. I was so pleasantly surprised when Mike gave up his prize of one year’s worth of free groceries to Aubrey, mother of 5. What a beautiful, selfless act that was. Like I said, it brought a tear to my eye.

Now on to Laura. SERIOUSLY, why is that girl still there? I totally and completely agree with what Jillian did last night calling her out. This girl just doesn’t seem like she wants to be on the ranch. Not like everyone else. It’s 9 weeks in now and you see every single person bust their butts week in and week out and then there’s Laura. Like Jillian said, she’s always crying victim and never tries. Everyone on her team sees it and everyone in the audience sees it. I wondered why she was doing this right from the start even when she came back after 30 days due to her partner Tara busting her butt, and she only lost a mere 6lbs! In 30 DAYS! Her partner Tara (who I am rooting for to win this thing) was loosing double digits each WEEK! and Laura only lost 5lbs in a MONTH! I don’t know about her. She better start wanting to be there REALLY soon, or else the next time she is below the yellow line, I think she’s gone. (and I wouldn’t mind). Looking forward for next week!

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